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Trade4Industry, B2B portal dedicated to the world of mechanics, invites you to participate in the permanent exhibition on www.trade4industry.com
Our web portal has been operating for years in the metalworking sector and looks carefully at the whole world of industrial processing.
Through the presence in the major Italian and international fairs and the support of our web-marketing services we offer companies as reliable and concrete partners. Dynamism, reliability and the desire to grow are our qualities. Moreover, thanks to the partnership with the metals section of the Industrial Union of Turin, we have the opportunity to offer our users updated technological information.

Trade4Industry is a real virtual exhibition center where customers and suppliers, producers of raw materials, machine tool manufacturers and manufacturing industries interact. To each company its own stand; a showcase in which to display products, catalogs and technical data sheets, with the ability to upload images, videos and company data, always online and accessible to everyone even from mobile devices. Browse E-Global Trade the on-line Catalog of Trade4industry.

The Marketplace Trade4Industry service is a new practical, dynamic and effective tool designed to meet the needs of any type of company in an increasingly global and international market.

The Marketplace, a platform in which supply and demand meet without intermediaries, will give you the opportunity to send and receive commercial offers linked exclusively to your core business. The Marketplace Trade4Industry is therefore a new service designed for companies, effective and manageable in complete autonomy to promote the international mechanical industry, its production chain, its excellence, its innovation, design, craftsmanship and technology  

• Speed ​​of presentation of its products  
• Very large catchment area
• Large-scale Marketing Actions
• Very low investment costs  

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