highly efficient and productive high speed circular sawing machines
with tungsten carbide tipped or cermet blades, high productivity, good finish and precise length and burr free cuts can be obtained on continous basis!
0° cuts, suitable for ferrous & non-ferrous metals
solid - structural - section round / square / rectangular / hollow tubes
“Set up wizard” for easy set up of jobs.
For hollow sections special features such as slow entry, slow exit is provided.
Diagnostics of all input, outputs and axis parameters.
The blade feed motion is controlled by ball screw and servo motor.
Chip auger for all type of materials with max discharge height of 400mm granting the right operational conditions of the saw.
Hydraulic wire chip brush for constant removal of chips from the blade teeth granting a longer blade life.
Automatic oil lubrication of most critical moving parts to grant the right operational conditions of the saw and consequently a longer life.
Lubrication is timed through the main machine controller.
Trim cuts and remnants are sorted automatically from good parts via heavy-duty discharge sorting chute
Saw head slides on heavy duty Roller LMG bearings with ball screw.
Variable cutting speed with frequency drive and rpm display.
Electromagnetic Powder Break to eliminate gearbox backlash and enhance blade life.
New bar entry in main vise made Contact free by hydraulically lifting the bar in shuttle.