The punching lines TWIN model, our strength, is produced in various lengths, can be equipped with loading magazine-automatic discharge of the tubes, while minimizing the use of the operator.
Operator safety is entrusted to barriers of photocells integrated robust networks yellow or black high 2 meters. that surround the entire machine.
The TWIN, 4 slots may be punched at a time and can work two tubes simultaneously, doubling the productivity, is equipped with two opposing heads, can be provided, with a 3 ° or 4 ° vertical head.
The equipment supplied technologically innovative materials and applications, give the machine a high speed tubes slide without scratches, semi-oval or rectangular tubes can work without balloons thanks to our exclusive system.
Another important aspect is the fast change of tools and accessories, effected by means of joints, designed to reduce to the absolute minimum the use of screws.
The working precision is ± 0.2 mm. from the first to the last hole.
The firm Apollo Srl, produces a manipulator NC loading and unloading pipes Cartesian axis, called MACH 3 which loads the pipes to be drilled and download the perforated tubes on two pallets.
It has been specifically designed as a match for the punching line Twin, but can also be combined with the other lines of punching in Apollo brand.
Allows a quick change of format for the transfer of tubes, using a magnetic gripper unique for all sizes, which allows the positioning of the pipes in a precise and fast.
This manipulator, makes the punching line fully automatic and safe placement of the bars the punched.