THOR 560

band sawing machines > semi-automatic > double column 0° cuts, suitable for ferrous & non-ferrous matal's.
Machine designed to suit bi-metal as well as TCT (carbide tipped) blade.
Quick approach of cutting blade upto the job to optimize productivity.
Automatic cutting feed regulator to control excess feed depending upon cutting material condition.
Automatic height setting of Saw Head depending upon cut piece height.
Auger chip conveyor complete of container grants better operational conditions, longer life of the sawing machine, reducing machining time and avoiding so interruption of manufactoring process for manual disposal of scraps.
Hydraulic powered cleaning wire brush to clean better the blade granting so a longer life.
Automatic Hydraulic blade tension regulation on preset stretching force and tension release when machine not in use.
Infinitely variable pressure controlled cutting feed & upward return rapid movement by hydraulic cylinder.
Cutting head guided in to vertical high precision Linear Motion Guide Bearing for higher productivity and longer blade life.
Auto height stop on return stroke of cutting head.
Automatic moving blade guide setting with opening and closing of vice to make it fool proof and avoid accidents.
Operator attention not required to set as per the job size.
Tungsten carbide face guides with ball bearings.
Blade guides preciously machined and fitted with replaceable carbide guides and anti-friction bearings.
Anti friction LMG bearings for smooth up-down movements of cutting head (blade).