SAR 610 SA DIGIT     
NEW Heavy duty semi-automatic bandsawing machine for large metal profiles.
CUTTING CAPACITY                
0° 500 500 610 x 500 45° R 500 450 500 x 300 45° L 500 450 500 x 300 60° L 340 320 340 x 275 60° R 340 320 340 x 275   Outstanding efficiency, quality and sturdiness. Low working table to ease loading ofheavy materials. Hydraulic vice. Two ways miter cutting (60°-0°-60°). Electronic controller very easy to use with digital display touchscreen giving detailed information on piece-counting, working times, machine status, alarm and selfdiagnosis. Replaceable working table.  Hydraulic blade tensioning. Castiron sawframe on twin tapered bearings and ring nut to provide greater stability. Precision blade-guide with hard metal pads, bearings and anticorrosion treatement. Mechanical blade speed variator (INVERTER) Vice with quick lock lever. Automatic quick blade approach to the material. Cutting cycle: Vice locking of material to cut - sawband starts running - sawframe gravity downfeed - sawband stops at the end of the cut - sawframe lift.
New multi-function controller “DIGIT” touch screen with icon keys. Control over each functional part of the saw with possibility of full personalization of parameters as for example programmable piececounter, different start mode and blade speed control. Including accurate self diagnosis.
TECHNICAL FEATURES  Machine bed in thick metal works exclusively made by domestic workshops. High level machining and finishing of the parts. Vice and sawframe in cast-iron providing high stability and vibration free cutting. Side-to-side mobile vice with quick pawl and rack approach system. Mechanical blade tension with handwheel. Precision blade-guide with hard metal pads and roller bearings. Anti-corrosion treatement with electrolytic nickel-plating and galvanization zinc plating ensure long lasting cutting precision. Electric motor and reduction unit from domestic ISO certificated manufacturers. Electric installation according CEE regulations. Set of fuses against current overload. Motor protected thermal feeler. Safety microswitch on the blade protection. Coolant liquid with electropump and crucible. Severe tests on mechanical tolerances, electric installation and final performance test.
STANDARD EQUIPMENT Set of service spanners. Bar stop. Bi-metal sawband 5650x34x1,1 Certificate of conformity and instruction manual according to Machine Directive 2006/42/CE.
OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Blade lubricant nebulizer. Rollerway 2 meters long on loading side (capacity 1000 kg). Rollerway 2 meters long on unloading side (capacity 1000 kg) with bar stop.
TECHNICAL DATA 3Ph Electric motor kW 3.0 Hydraulic unit motor kW 1.1 Electropump kW 0.18 Gearbox reduction ratio I 40/1 Flywheel diameter mm 550 Blade dimension mm 5650 x 34 x 1,1 Cutting speed m/1' 20/150 Vice opening mm 615 Sawframe inclination ° 0 Working height mm 750 Machine dimension mm 2700 x 3000 x 2500 Weight kg 1600