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Star Technology designs and constructs tube bending machinery, equipment for punching, deformation, flattening and machinery for miscellaneous tube and profile handlings, realizes tooling and special atomization according to customer's requirements, three-dimensional measuring centers for programming and management of your production. Our activity has more than 40 years of experience applied in small craftsman business companies as well as in big industries such as military and civil aerospace, nautical sector, nuclear, heating and refrigeration, petroleum industry for articles in iron, steel, copper, aluminum, titanium and incoloy; metal furniture for hospitals, house and garden furniture, gym equipment, chairs, tables, sofas, design accessories; automotive construction, exhaust systems, motorcycles and spares; agricultural facilities and machinery; fittings for hydraulic sector; forklifts and cabins; ski lifts, windows structure and structures for trains, campers, boats, buses and special cars, road signs, accessories and carriages for supermarkets, posts, airports; special rails for slaughterhouses, food industry, garage, automation systems. Fancy goods: exhibiting devices, bathroom furniture, handles, swimming pool items, plumbing fixtures, prams, suitcases, wheelbarrows, bowling, snowshoeing, washing machine, clothes hanger, bakery ovens, stabilizer bars, kitchens, pots, boxes, bumpers, clotheslines, bed headboards, lawn mowers, go car accessories, F2, solar systems, wind turbines, heat exchangers. We have been producing electro-mechanical bending machinery that proved over time to be the leading technology also for our competitors. Our innovativeness, precision, speed, noiseless, safety, reliability and respect for the environment have proven successful in comparison with traditional hydraulic tube benders. Our target is to go into big, medium and small businesses companies, offering the technology supported by a wide range of models and automated systems to meet any budget. The availability in our bending line includes semi-automatic machines with one controlled axis and achieves six/nine/twelve CNC axis completely automatic. In this range vaunt eight different machine's sizes, applied for bending from the smallest medical tubing to the largest pipe for petroleum conducting, besides all other personalized models executed according to the customer's requirements. For design and construction we use the most innovative mechanic and electronic technologies guaranteeing the best product in precision and in updating.We use well-known suppliers of commercial components in order to guarantee the best quality and availability all over the world. With our highly professional software service we construct tube benders with easy programming, utilization, equipping and maintenance. Even operators without full training can easily operate the machine and make new changes and modifications in case of necessity suitable for future needs of production with open and customizable software. Our qualified staff cares design, construction, start-up, maintenance and assistance of the machinery with the aim to obtain always the best ratio between price and performance for customer satisfaction in its current and future needs in order to find connection and a certain help in time and continuous relationship.

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