SINICO stand 1020

The experience of our founder Egidio Sinico is the well from which our operating philosophy springs, the same philosophy that today drives his sons, an indelible stamp of dedication to work, product quality and correct market positioning.

The wealth of knowledge accumulated over 50 years of business certainly forms a valuable guideline for tackling an increasingly varied and flexible market.
A skilled team always dedicated on research and innovation, a cuttingedge workshop: this is the place where we've always developed our passion for forging technologically advanced creations to meet the most complex needs.
The idea is turned into reality, ingenuity is turned into something palpable, the bar is turned into a part, yet all this comes later… In the wake of the satisfaction we experience when we've managed to come up with a solution to all the problems, a product created by men and women working in synergy to achieve that one great objective: the total satisfaction of our customers.
Being an authority on metalworking, we can promise you a solution to your production problems, so that your projects can roar ahead!