RAM Elettronica S.p.A. is distinguishing in the automatic contour cutting world of various type of foam, polyurethane, fabric, textile and fibers by offering two different lines of machines:

Horizontal / vertical contour cutters based on oscillating blade, continuous blade and abrasive wire proper for the upholstery production (sofa sets), products for the bedding industry (mattresses and pillows), acoustic insulation, automotive and marine components. A special line of products is explicitly dedicated to the accurate cutting of technical items on high density (for sound absorbent pyramidal boards, multi-layers materials, rebonded foam, memory foam).

 Static table and conveyor cutting systems, based on blade and waterjet technologies, pair industrial-type productivity requirements with high cutting precision for the demanding users of apparel, upholstery, padded, composite, thermo-acoustic insulation, packaging, marine and automotive fields. Besides the presence of automatic spreaders for fabric and wadding offers advantages in terms of reduced setup and process times.

RAM stands for Research on Automatic Machineries: the research and the application of new technologies have always meant our primary development pulse. The unconventional approach to problems solving laid the foundations for the design of a product range detached from the traditional and conventional existent solutions. Our statement is to continue in redefining the future standards of the cutting world of expanded polyurethanes, textiles and fibers by producing new machines capable of yielding more and more value thanks to growth of working speed, easiness of use, flexibility -derived by the ever-increasing range of cutting materials- and the minimization of the operating costs.

All our products are entirely conceived, developed and assembled inside our company. Such a resolute choice, mark of our philosophy, turns into a competitive strategy thanks to the considerable investments in hi-end equipment and hardware and software professional development framework. This approach ensures both a constant products quality, not possible through the standard outsourcing ways, and a very fast response time to the latest market requirements. This allows us of taking development opportunities highlighted by a very close relation with our customers.

A part of our staff is involved in a special team whose target is the continuous research, development and optimization of the material cutting processes. The valuable know-how produced is integral part of our assets enabling us to continuously turn every simple intuition into new functionalities for our customers.

One of RAM's winning keys is the answering ability, in actual fact, to the needs of users demanding for special and customized cutting systems: for instance it is possible the creation of special machines and stand-alone production lines for the automation of the whole working process. To new customers willing to enter in the automatic polyurethane cutting world we offer our process know-how, long acquired through the internal research and the end user feedback.

We clearly know that nowadays an efficiently organized customer service department can make a difference for after-sale customer satisfaction: we built a service team that promptly assures a tangible solution to any problem in a remote way or, if strictly necessary, setting a quick intervention, of course without any call out charges.

RAM Elettronica S.p.A. operates firmly across the European Union, the Mediterranean area and the Middle East: we are actually reinforcing our presence in many countries of these areas and investing to bring our technology and modern vision to the promising emerging markets.

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