Cutting line Lybra
cutting line - Cutting line Lybra
cutting line - Cutting line Lybra
The LYBRA model suitable for the cutting of ferrous material, pipes, steel sections and solid bars, has been developed for special cycles tailored to the specific technical requirements of the customer.

The rotating head controlled by a servo motor allows for cuts either straight or in a corner to ± 60 degrees of high precision and to perform multiple cuts with bars side by side or overlaid with programmed sequences of cuts calculated and executed automatically by the machine.

The cutting quality is ensured by clamping vises and highly reliable special jaws together with an excellent cleaning system of the table.

In LYBRA model is installed aboard an industrial PC that allows the connection of the on-line machine and the use of codes for the individual pieces and to the profiles used.

The optimization program allows to drastically reduce programming time and material scrap. And 'possible the optional execution of special cuts such as chamfers, replacement tip, etc..
Lybra C450 - Sample cutting
Lybra C450 - Multiple cuts with bars side by side
Lybra C450 - Table Cleaning Systems
Lybra C450 - special cutting cycles
Lybra C450 - Carro feeder

Technical data:
Blade diameter = 350; 400; 450 mm
Cutting corners = Rotary Table Controlled by servo ± 60 degrees
cutting speed continuous blade D 450 T 28/140 / min or 42/195 T / min
Length of cut = Call
Max bar = Call
Power Head Cutting = 5.5 KW
Adjustable trimming = YES
Weight Excluding machine charger = 2800 kg
Power stroke = 2000 mm

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