Machinery production of the company goes back to 1950. After several other productions the first perforation press was introduced in 1971. Heavy-duty press brakes and guillotine shears became the main scope of the company after the first press brake manufactured in 1974. In 1981, the company moved to its new premises and added three-roll bending machines and expanded metal presses into the production line. Then, with the customer who wanted to produce octagonal electric poles, MVD produced and exported its first hydraulic machine which is a tandem press brake with 10 m. bending length. In 2001, CNC and conventional press brakes and guillotine shears were fully complied with machinery directives conformity assessment regulations on the newest CE standards and machines are affixed CE mark on. At the beginning of 2003 CNC turret punch press was presented to the market. And now MVD produces both pressbrake, guillotine shear, turret punch press, plasma cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine. Quality oriented production and good customer support have always been the basic rule of the company. Machines are designed to be reliable, durable and precise. The easy to use characteristics are ready for operator faults. Designs carried out on computers including software support for drawing and strength analysis. Precise machining of every construction on moving column CNC machining centre and every part on CNC lathes are accompanied with detailed quality control.

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