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Welcome to MG plate rolling machines

 plate bending rolls, angle bending rolls, straightening equipment We are the leading plate rolling machines manufacturer in Italy: first in technical innovation and customer service, with a global footprint. MG can meet any type of demand on plate roller machines design: useful width from 200 mm up to 8000 mm and thickness from 0.2 up to 300 mm. We produce a complete range of metal forming equipment: variable geometry plate rolling machines, 3-roll and 4-roll plate bending machines, section bending angle roll, digital CNC systems and software, plate straightening machines, screw flight helix forming equipment. Every month we deliver 35 machines to demanding customers in a wide range of industries: mining equipment, mixers, heat exchangers, boilers, pipelines, drilling rigs, water treatment, chimney tubes, air compressors, wind towers, fuel tanks, grain storage systems, water heaters, autoclaves, food processing equipment, coolers, structural steel, filters, pressure vessels, nuclear reactors. MG is able to provide many optional features and accessories: from polished and ground rolls to loading / unloading systems, from control units to safety devices ... Worldwide.