TIGER 402 CNC HR 4.0 RC, non-ferrous circular saw with TCT blade for aluminium and alloys, with programmable head mitering trough MEP CNC 40 controller.
– Automatic vertical circular saw powered by brushless motor mitering from -45° to +45° (see picture A) and up to +60° in semiautomatic mode. This machine can be equipped with the bar loader CB6001 (OPTIONAL) for rounds, square and rectangle materials according to technical specifications. It can also be retrofitted.
– 8” touch screen controller with self learning programming.
– Saw head mitering with high precision positioning (max 1' of degree) powered by a brushless motor and pneumatic locking of saw head once positioned.
– The headstroke, according to the dimensions of the material which has to be cut, is set directly from the control panel.
– Head down stroke by means of electromechanical cylinder to obtain the maximum cutting rigidity.
– Shearing stress control.
– Automatic device to lubricate the blade only when the machine is cutting.
– Rotation pin with thrust bearing to grant rotation precision and stability.
– Machine base with chip tray and equipped to connect chip collector (optional).
– Pneumatic double locking vice.
– Pneumatic vertical vice.