The TIGER 372 SX evo is a semi-automatic vertical sawing machine which is used to cut steel with an HSS blade, from 60º left to 45º right. The machine has a controlled single axis microprocessor using the latest generation of MEP controllers.
– Panel with low tension controls: polyester membrane keypad with tactile thermo-shaped buttons which give out an acoustic signal when pressed.
– Display: 16 characters read on two lines so as to visualize technological parameters such as: + band speed + number of cuts programmed and carried out + cutting time + amperometer + diagnostics and/or caution messages (more than 100) visualized.
– Registration of alarms and events with the possibility to visualize the story of occurred events.
– Transmission system at 3 stages to guarantee high sturdiness, precision and obtain high removal capacities.
– Blade rotation with one speed motor with electronic speed variator so as to cut from 15 up to 150 rpm to obtain the best cutting efficiency.- Sawing head movement on double linear guides with preloaded slides with recirculating ballscrews.
– Coaxial cylinder with bypass valve for fast approach and linear transducer for head position reading.
– The headstroke, according to the dimensions of the material which has to be cut, is set directly from the control panel.
– Rotation pin with preloaded thrust bearing to grant rotation precision and stability.
– Accuracy graduation etched on the rotating table.
– Easily movable vice unit with fast, safe and accurate locking on the whole machine width.
– Pneumatic locking vice with adjustable steel gib.
– Pneumatic vertical vice.
– Wire chip brush for band cleaning.