TIGER 352, manual vertical sawing machine to cut from +60° to -45°, with HSS blade.
- Sawing head movement on double linear guides with preloaded slides with recirculating ballscrews.
- Electrical panel (wiring totally identifiable, main lockable disconnect switch, motor magneto-thermal overload, minimum tension coil, protection against missing phase, low tension safety device 24 V).
- Low voltage IP55 control handle.
- Rotating table on a center pin with axial bearing which allows higher precision on the cutting angle set.
- Double set of gears to obtain a high performance.
- Four speeds blade rotation 15/30/45/90 rpm (OPTIONAL 30/60/90/180 rpm).
- Vice with anti-burr device with double clamping of the piece.
- Wire chip brush for band cleaning.
- Adjustable rod to measure stop to make cuts of the same length with millimetred steel rod.
- Stock support arm with roller predisposed to mount loading table.
- Steel base with chip drawer and removable coolant tray.
- Electrical pump for the blade lubrication and cooling.
- The machine is supplied without saw blade.
- Service keys and instructions manual for maintenance and spare parts list.
The vice on the TIGER 352 MA (pneumatic vice) opens and closes by means of a manually operated valve (or by means of a footpedal which is instead optional).