SHARK 332 SXI evo, semi-automatic electro-hydraulic sawing machine , with operation also in manual and semi-automatic dynamic cycle, for cutting from -45° to +60°.
- Semi-automatic cycle: starting the cycle: - the vice closes and the motor starts – the head goes down to execute cut – motor stops – head returns to top position and vice opens.
- Semi-automatic dynamic cycle: lowering the head manually, so as to position it just above the material, the semi-automatic cycle starts by pressing trigger switch on handle.
- Latest generation hydraulic control unit, with high efficiency and low energy consumption.
- Rotating table (mounted on a 420 mm roller bearing, pre-loaded with thrust bearing) with steel vice plates which can be replaced after wear.
- Double band rotation speed (40/80 m/min) with card PRESET to mount the electronic inverter for the continuous adjustment of the band speed (from 15 to 100 m/min).
- The limits of the head stroke are programmed through the control board, depending on the dimensions of the bars to be cut.
- Sliding vice with sideways movement and fast-positioning system which functions in automatic also when in manual mode.
- Manually-operated blade tensioning through electronic transducer, with displaying.
- Steel base allows to recover coolant also when cutting at the maximum degrees.
- Wire chip brush for band cleaning.