SHARK 332 NC 5.0, electrohydraulic band sawing machine with multimicroprocessor which can operate in automatic, semi-automatic, semi-automatic/dynamic and manual mode.
- Automatic cycle (to cut from 0° to +60°)
- Semi-automatic, semi-automatic/dynamic and manual cycle (for cuts from -45° to +60°).
-7” touch screen display operator interface
- Console with all centralized controls, installed on an articulated arm to follow the operator in every operating position for the controls and the EMERGENCY.
- Visualization and registration of alarms and events with the possibility to visualize the story of occurred events.
- Cutting head and feeding vice positioning with joystick.
- Automatic acquisition of the actual starting point of the cut.
- Electronic transducer to visualize band tensioning.
- Automatic adaptive shearing stress control system with servovalve mounted directly on the cylinder.
- Coolant tank inside the steel base with two electric pumps so as to lube-refrigerate band. The drawer to collect chips can be replaced with a motorized chip evacuator (see optionals).
- Preset to be equipped with the spray mist system (OPTIONAL), as well as with the standard-delivered traditional lubrication with emulsible oil.
- Wire chip brush for band cleaning.