Shark 282 SXI evo, semi-automatic electro-hydraulic band sawing machine, with operation also in manual and semi-automatic dynamic cycle, for cutting from -45° to +60°.
- Machine with controlled single axis microprocessor with the latest generation of controllers for semi-automatic sawing machines designed by MEP.
- Semi-automatic cycle: Starting the cycle: - the vice closes and the motor starts – the head goes down to execute cut – motor stops – head returns to top position and vice opens.
- Semi-automatic dynamic cycle: lowering the head manually, so as to position it just above the material, the semi-automatic cycle starts by pressing trigger switch on handle.
- CYCLE DOWN UP : Operating in semiautomatic cycle , the new function DOWN makes the head and blade motor stop once the cut is finished with the vice closed, by pressing the UP button the head raises back to its starting point and the vice opens.
- Latest generation hydraulic control unit, with high efficiency and low energy consumption.
- Wide working surface with rotating table installed on a roller bearing, dia. 265 mm, pre-loaded with thrust bearing.
- Double band rotation speed (36/72 m/min) with card PRESET to mount the electronic inverter for the continuous adjustment of the band speed (from 15 to 100 m/min).
- The limits of the head stroke are programmed through the control board, depending on the dimensions of the bars to be cut.
- Manually-operated blade tensioning through electronic transducer, with displaying.
- Wire chip brush for band cleaning.