SHARK 230 NC HS 5.0, electrohydraulic automatic double-column bandsaw for 0° cuts on profiles and solid parts in structural, stainless and alloy steels, with restpiece which cannot be fed in automatic of 60 mm.
- It cuts dimensions up to 230x230 mm and can operate also in semi-automatic cycle.
- 7” touch screen display operator interface
- Structure in sturdy cast iron G25, to absorb vibrations and give the machine a better cutting stability and longer blade life.
- Automatic acquisition of the actual starting point of the cut.
- Cutting head and feeding vice positioning with joystick.
- Automatic adaptive shearing stress control system with servovalve mounted directly on the cylinder.
- Manual band tension with LED display on control panel.
- Hydraulic power pack to supply the saw frame and the feeding and cutting vices. Variable pressure adjusters allow to set the clamping force.
- Feeding length up to 500 mm in a single stroke driven by a stepper motor and ball screw assembly.
- Feeder vice with sideways movement for self-adjustment in case of bars slightly deformed.
- Adjustable blade-guide heads in steel with carbide guide inserts, coolant taps for the traditional lubrication and preset to install the mist lubrication (OPTIONAL).
- Automatic adjustment of the front blade-guide head according to the dimensions of the bars to be cut.
- Two vertical rollers to help aligning the material.
- Band rotation control with stop in real time in case of locked tool.
- Enclosed steel base with coolant tank and chip drawer, that can be replaced by a powered chip auger (OPTIONAL).
- Blade brush driven off band wheel.