The PH 262, manual band sawing machines for cuts from -45° to +60° is also supplied in a version with Hydraulic Brake device (HB) to make single cuts
without operator but keeping the manual cutting cycle available ( the HB device is available only in the three-phase version).
– Sturdy structures in cast iron in order to tension the band at 900 kg.
– Sliding vice with sideways movement and fast positioning system.
– Electrical board with entirely identifiable wiring, stand-by, main switch with lock, short circuit protection, motor overload cutout, min. voltage coil, low voltage system 24 V.
– Control handle IP55.
– Driving pulley locked with clamp ring to ensure a strong fastening, still allowing axial adjustment.
– Blade-guide heads with 6 CARBIDE pads instead of bearings to ensure a better stability.
– Mechanical stop at -45° and +60° with lever for locking at any angles in between.
– Head pivoting with preloaded tapered bearings.
– Electric pump for the band lubrication and cooling and Brush band-cleaning device.
– Bimetallic band for profiles and solid pieces.
– Instructions manual and spare parts list