COBRA 352, manual sawing machine to cut aluminium and light alloys using blade with electrowelded hard-metal plates. The machine cuts from -45° to +45° with the head which can be tilted from 0° to 45° left.
On the model 352 MA (pneumatic vice), which is supplied complete with steel base, the vices close automatically when lowering the head.
- Electric panel (wiring totally identifiable, main lockable disconnect switch, emergency stop, motor magneto-thermal overload, minimum tension coil, protection against missing phase, low tension safety device 24 V).
- Rotating table mounted on bearing for a smooth and precise rotation.
- Adjustable mechanical stops at 0° and 45° left/right to position the head quickly.
- Screw locking system to lock the head at any degree.
- Steel base (for 352 MA only).
- Chip conveyor is predisposed to mount a chip collector.
- Automatic device to lubricate blade.
- Material is clamped by means of two vices which can be freely positioned along the longitudinal axis of the material.
- Movable aluminium jaws which can be adjusted vertically.
- Head locking system.
- Stock support arm with roller predisposed to mount loading table.
- Adjustable rod to measure stop to make cuts of the same length with millimetred steel rod.
- Machine predisposed to be hoisted.
- The machine is supplied without saw blade.
- Service keys and instructions manual for maintenance and spare parts list.