The VK 370 AR circular saw with vertical descend controlled by NC , to obtain extremity pieces angled and execute in sequence different pieces with different : lengths , angles ,chamfers.
Single stroke length 2000 mm , angles from +45° to -45° ( optional -60° to +60°)
The program with its undercycles makes easy the programation of different geometries to obtain , calculates the feeding for sequences of symmetric and asymmetric sections , calculate by itself the cuts to change from one series to another.
•Feeding and head rotation controlled by NC
•Easy programation helped from basic routines , HMI touch 10” with helping graphic
•Sequentiality among different geometries automatic
•Descend on prismatic guides tempered and grounded , with back lash adjustable
•Axes moved with servomotor , feeding with ball screw
•possibility to download the program with USB (optional)

The cutting line can configured with loader : slide , bundle or chain ; discharge with different positions and length  according with the user need