Standard plant in stainless steel EN 1.4404, e.g. for the concentration of oil emulsions.

Water boils at ​≈100°​C at atmospheric ​pressure ≈​1 barA, at ​lower pressure ​the boiling ​temperature ​decrease. In ​vacuum, ​residual ​pressure of ​approx. 0,04 ​barA water ​boiling point ​is ≈30°C.

Boiling ​temperature has ​an important ​role in ​chemistry. ​Lower ​temperature ​means lower ​decomposition ​risk, lower ​encrustation, ​lower energy ​consumed.​

n our Vacuum ​Evaporators, a ​liquid ring ​pump combined ​with a Venturi ​ejector ​provides vacuum.​ The required ​heat and cold ​side of the ​process, are ​provided by the ​heat pump ​circuit: 1 ​electrical kW = ​4/5 thermal kW.​

The contaminated ​water enters in ​the first ​vessel of the ​machine: ​absolute ​pressure ​≈0,10 ​barA and the ​boiling ​temperature ​≈42°​C is reached ​thanks to hot ​coil of heat ​pump circuit. ​Steam produces ​in the first ​step, moves ​inside a coil ​in the second ​effect vessel, ​where the ​absolute ​pressure is ​≈0,06 ​barA and ​boiling ​temperature ​≈32°C.

The water ​steam coming ​from the first ​effect ​condensates ​inside the coil ​of the second ​effect and ​transfers ​energy at the ​contaminated ​water. Second ​effect steam is ​condensad by ​cold coil of ​heat pump ​circuit. The ​condensed steam ​is continuously ​and automatically ​collected from ​both effects.​

The structure ​of our Vacuum ​Evaporators ​based on heat ​pump combined ​with vacuum ​technology, ​allow wide ​variety of ​liquid treated, ​high degree of ​concentration ​and significantly ​low energy ​consumption. ​Less than 100 ​Watt-h for 1 ​liter of water, ​for treatment ​of acid, oil, ​pigments, waste ​galvanization, ​radioactive ​fluids, ​pharmacology, ​food, toxic, ​etc...​

These ​evaporators ​work in a ​continuous ​cycle without ​presence of ​operator, as ​they are ​equipped with ​devices which ​ensure a ​completely ​autonomous and ​controlled ​operation.​