The SmartSPM Scanning Probe Microscope is the first 100% automated system that offers its cutting-edge technology of ultra-fast, metrological and high-resolution measurements for the most advanced materials research at the nanoscale in all AFM and STM modes.
With the SmartSPM zooming in from large up to 100 µm overview scans down to atomic resolution has become a reality.
Its design has been specially developed to be capable of being seamlessly integrated with optical spectroscopies
(SNOM, Raman, Photoluminescence and TERS/SERS techniques).  

Automation of operation / Ease of use Fully automated laser to photodiode alignment (no user click-on-spot is required!).
Exchanging probes has never been so easy before! Fully automated configuration for the most common AFM modes.
Extremely fast system adjustment before starting measurements!  

Resolution / Stability / Accuracy One single 100µm scanner gets large scans as well as goes down to molecular or atomic resolution.
No vibration isolation is required for standard measurements.
The lowest noise closed-loop sensors make it possible to have them on even during molecular resolution imaging and get the most accurate results.  

Fast scanning Scanner resonant frequencies >7kHz in XY and >15kHz in Z are the highest in the AFM industry today.
Optimized scanner control algorithms makes it possible to scan much faster than ever before!  

All SPM modes included plus Nanolithography with no additional units and costs Kelvin Probe Microscopy, Piezoresponse Force Microscopy, Nanolithography and Nanomanipulation are all included in the basic package!  

Flexibility to upgrade to AFM-Raman The SmartSPM was designed from the ground up for easy and appropriate coupling with Raman systems.    

Measuring Modes
Contact AFM in air;
Contact AFM in liquid (optional);    
Semicontact AFM in air;      
Semicontact AFM in liquid (optional);       
True Non-contact AFM;      
Dynamic Force Microscopy (DFM, FM-AFM);     
Dissipation Force Microscopy;     
Top Mode;     
Phase Imaging;      
Lateral Force Microscopy (LFM);       
Force Modulation       
Conductive AFM (optional);      
I-Top mode (optional);       
Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM);       
Kelvin Probe (Surface Potential Microscopy);       
Single-pass Kelvin Probe;
Capacitance Microscopy (SCM);     
Electric Force Microscopy (EFM)M;      
Single-pass MFM/EFM (“Plane scan”);     
Force curve measurements; ·      
Piezo Response Force Microscopy (PFM);       
PFM-Top mode;    
STM (optional);       
Photocurrent Mapping (optional);       
Volt-ampere characteristic measurements (optional);     
Shear-force Microscopy with tuning fork (ShFM);       
Normal Force Microscopy with tuning fork.

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