Raman Microscope
Your ideal lab companion
The result of 50 years of expertise in Raman spectroscopyLabRAM Soleil™ offers unprecedented capabilities for Raman multimodal confocal imaging, in a compact footprint.
Due to the high level of automation implemented, high optical throughput, objective recognition, motorized switching mirrors, ultra-fast mapping capabilities with SmartSampling™ and QScan™,
fast motorized 4-grating turret, high speed auto-alignment and new options offered by the LabSpec 6 software suite, the LabRAM Soleil™ is ready to work 24 hours a day with minimal human supervision.

Multimodal Confocal imaging in a compact footprint
LabRAM Soleil™ offers great variety of optical viewing modes and hyperspectral imaging features in a compact and laser safe design:
  • < 1m² footprint
  • Large Class 1 sample compartment
  • Reflection (episcopic) /transmission (diascopic) illumination
  • Imaging in optical microscopy bright field/dark field/epifluorescence/phase and differential interferometric contrast (DIC)
  • ViewSharp 3D Topography
  • QScan™ high quality scanning technology for 3D confocal imaging with Laser light-sheet illumination - mapping without moving
  •  XYZ 3D confocal imaging, Z-profile (single-point or layer by layer with QScan™ option)
  • Super-low frequency (30 cm-1) Raman scattering as standard
  • Photoluminescence (PL), electroluminescence, photocurrent, upconversion
  • Nanoscale spectroscopy: NanoRaman (TERS), NanoPL, and Cathodoluminescence with our AFM and SEM extensions

Focus on your job, it takes care of the rest!
Forget long and tedious preparation operations before getting your Raman image. LabRAM Soleil™ offers advanced automated functions and, in combination with the EasyImage™ wizard, it dramatically reduces parameter setting time and ensures maximum stability and reproducibility:
  • True self-operating system
  • EasyImage™ guided operation wizard
  • Auto-alignment: automatically check and readjust the alignment within a few seconds according to environmental conditions
  • SmartID™: no more risk to use the wrong objective or wrong parameters
  • Remote maintenance

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