HITEMA, an international Italian Company with 15.000 square meters workshop located in Padua close to Venice, one of the most wonderful historical city in Italy.HITEMA is a diversified global manufacturing and technology Company which offers a wide range of products and services in the fields of industrial refrigeration, HVAC chillers, climate technologies, air conditioning appliance solutions and solutions in the treatment of compressed air.We work hard to help our Customer win. At HITEMA we have some simple focus: grow by anticipating our Customer's needs offering a better solution than our competitors can and supporting our Customer which is confident of getting fast answers relevant to worldwide requirements.HITEMA seeks to employ innovative and new technologies to help its Customer and the environment using energy resources in more efficient and cost-effective ways. Healthy environment and energy responsibility are important priorities for engineering and technology leader HITEMA.Our goal is to apply new solutions to provide benefits and energy saving technology on our products.HITEMA mission is expressed in the Company's brand promise: we work hard to always provide the answer.

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