E-REPAIR Stand 1018

E-Repair is a Tuscan company founded in 2007, which holds the position of Leader, in the industrial electronicsrepair and maintenance, and is the ONLY SERVICE PARTNER of SIEMENS, throughout Italy, for the repair and the regeneration of industrial electronic boards. E-Repair carries out repairs directly in its own internal laboratory, and has implemented an innovative system for the regeneration, that is the refurbishment at zero hours, of obsolete industrial electronic boards. Over the years the company has expanded its skills by repairing products of the best brands on the market and has a large warehouse of remanufactured products, ready for shipment throughout Europe. Repaired and regenerated products are covered by an E-Repair warranty. The process developed by the company is not just a new business model, but is intended to be an example both in reducing the time and costs of downtime and in promoting a new environmental awareness, in the "Circular Economy" also in the world of industrial service. The service offered by E-Repair is transversal to all production companies that use industrial plants managed by electronic boards, integrators and resellers of new and used systems, as well as maintenance and on-site technical intervention companies.

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