Professional portable steam cleaning systems with boiler power from 3400  to 18000 watts; come equipped with multiple safety devices; CE and PED 97/23 certified ; ETL certified for North America.
Vapor.Net portable steam cleaning systems supply a continuous steam flow at 170 C° at a pressure ranging from 6 to 10 bar; detergent injection is also provided machines are available  with our without suction
Thanks to the external refillable water tank, the user does not need to stop working to refill the unit. The production include professional models with power from 3.4 kW/230 V and  from 4 to 18 kw 380 V the increasing of power produce an higher  quantity of steam 
For heavy industrial cleaning, 9.0-18.0kW / 380 V models are also available.
 All models are conceived with a stainless steel body, a stainless steel boiler and a full kit of accessories to help the user get and remove dirt and degrease even in the most hidden areas or on parts and components without afflicting the electrical or electronic  parts and  without spreading water around  .
The models are available with or without vacuum and with a detergent injection system that allows the use of detergents to give steam higher effectiveness when treating critical surfaces. 
Steam up to 170 C° pressure up to 10 bar·         

.10 models available with or without vacuum and/ or  detergent injection·         
-Body in stainless steel·         
-Boiler and heating elements in resistance in Incoloy  ·        
-Wide selection of accessories; a 5-mt flexible hose with electric controls on the handle·         
-Continuous steam through automatic boiler refilling·         
-Tank where mixing steam and detergents or sanitizers·         
-CE-PED 97/23 certifications; ETL for North America