CIMEL srl , set up in 1978.We are a traditional Italian family company located North of Italy, close to Milan.
We specialize in manufacturing professional compact automatic floor scrubber dryers and steam cleaning systems conceived for daily use in cleaning of small-medium sized areas and of industrial vacuum cleaners for heavy applications .
We are also an OEM , that is, our production is marketed both under our brand name "Turbolava" and under private labels, too.Quality and attention to clients needs comes first for us , that's why we use top class components and raw materials 100% from Italian suppliers and grant a quick, personalized assistance in commercial and after sales service.
We export about 60% of our cleaning equipment to major international markets in Europe, Asia, North America.
We are also members of a network of Italian manufacturers for the widespread availability of different types of cleaning equipment that can be purchased through us, under our Turbolava brand name or under different private labels .

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