CAORLE Stand 1021

SINICO MACHINE TOOL MANUFACTURING S.r.l. is specialized in the design and manufacture
of AUTOMATIC ROTARY TRANSFER CUT-OFF AND END-FINISHING MACHINES, suitable for producing medium and large series of metal parts from tubes, bars, coils, forgings and blanks. The term end-finishing is used to mean any of the operations commonly performed with chip-forming machine tools, such as chamfering, trimming, centring, turning, drilling, threading, tapping, milling, grooving, splining etc. and shaping operation such as flaring, tapering, roling, pressing, marking, knurling etc. SINICO machines can handle all metal materials (steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, titanium, Inconel etc.). All operations are carried out in one chucking. Various different inspection units and cleaning stations are also available on demand. Since january 2014 was created a unique productive pole between SINICO MACHINE TOOL MANUFATURING SRL  and CCM SRL CAORLE, two companies operating since more 50 years in production of high level automatic end finishing machines. Nowadays SINICO MACHINE TOOL MANUFATURING SRL  produce under licence  Caorle end finishing machine.

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