A multi-technology integrated environment for the design of the tube, viewed as a single process, and no longer as independent phases of programming dedicated to a specific technology, whether it is cutting the bending or shaping.

Cantu, 3 November 2015. The tools for programming, simulation, and management and production control systems BLM GROUP proposed and already historically focused on specific technologies and specific production stages (Artube for the CAD / CAM laser VGP3D for programming of the curvature, Partviewer for program verification, Protube for management and programming of the production, Composer for interfacing with ERP) we have been evolved to provide a unique logic of use and harvested in the software suite BLMelements.

The most advanced CAD / CAM specific for pipes is capable of handling single pieces and frames multi technology (with parts such as laser cut and curved). Completely renovated in the graphical interface has now been set up with a context-based approach that shows in every step only the features relevant to a significant simplification and speed of programming.

VGP3D no longer isolated in the part design and programming of bending machines, is now able to exchange data with both Artube 3 that with Protube to speed up the setting of production and to take monitored the progress.

A sophisticated tool that allows you to not only view the machine programs and simulate the performance but also to make an accurate estimate of cost and time piece. A great value also lies in the ability to edit / manage the machine options and have immediate evidence of the consequences in terms of productivity resulting.

Produce families of parts all similar to each other where varying dimensions and relative positions of the work is easier with the definition of working groups as objects that can be saved and recalled. The selection and application of processes previously saved is easily be entrusted to an external ERP with Composer which can be easily interfaced.

Protube, both in his version is that Express Enterprise, receives directly from CAD / CAM information needed and automatically dials production orders by setting the right programs for each machine (also of different technologies).

It became part of BLMelements also a new application for remote monitoring of machines. This leans to production data made available from the machines on the network and along with the data of Protube. With this application called WebApp can be kept under control by their mobile device operating status of all machines BLM Group, the degree of progress of the production lots and any other useful information for diagnosis and preventive intervention.

A single logic, a single operating environment is not more concentrated around the single machine or single technology but around the protagonist of the whole process: the tube.