BLM Lasertube LT8

The system Lasertube LT8 is a benchmark in the market for laser systems for the pipe for flexibility and productivity. The amplitude of the dimensional range of the machinable tubes (10 to 225 mm in diameter) is accompanied by performance currently unmatched even on pipes of small size.
Allows 3D machining of both open profiles which on special sections (also concave) Thanks to a 3D rapid head movements of light tubes and extremely effective and accurate cutting of thicknesses more important.

Machine Software innovative
The management software LT8 plant has been completely redesigned with the dual objective of further optimizing the work cycle and facilitate the use of the system by a new operator interface machine.
The optimization cycles allowed to further improve the performance, already excellent, the plant in terms of processing speed and handling of the tube.
The new interface makes it easier for the operator guiding step- step in the different operating phases of the creation of the work cycle with appropriate suggestions for using the setup.

System load
The idea to provide the system of LT8 two separate loading stations - a front one and a rear one - to which can be coupled modular loading systems is as simple as effective.
In a time when the demand for flexibility is a constant in all areas of production system load LT8 allows you to suspend without loss of time for a massive production cut short tubes inserted on a second magazine or to prepare at the same time the next production while still being previous

Exhaust System
The discharge of the pieces of a laser tube is a delicate phase, during which LT8 handles optimally with different options that take into account the huge variability of size and geometry of the pipes to be machined. So the centering system, as well as allow optimal accuracy on long pieces, free quickly the work area by downloading short pieces and provide maximum throughput to the system.

LT8 is the laser tube cutting system more productive on the market, but productivity is not you sometimes not enough. Increasingly the production lots are reduced in size and then becomes important the ease of transition from one process to another in very short time. Also under this aspect LT8 having all the automatic adjustments and a speed of loading and unloading very fast it is proposed as the optimal solution to ensure the necessary flexibility.