ADIGE-SYS offers LS5, a system exclusively dedicated to laser cutting of sheet metal. After many examples lucky and valid systems combined tube-sheet, ADIGE-SYS has decided to offer the best performance in the field of single sheet and has therefore designed LS5, that its performance has one of its major strengths.
Levico Terme, November 3, 2015. LS5 comes from decades of experience in the field of laser cutting of sheet metal, which is evident both in the high performance that the technical choices regarding layout, ergonomics, automation and technology.

LS5 is available in two versions 3000x1500 mm and 4000x2000 mm both presented in a layout very compact and flexible to fit any space requirements. You can in fact choose the pallet changing system for a longitudinal or transverse layout long, narrow space for an occupancy of more short and compact. In both cases, the machine offers maximum accessibility with the full opening of the hatches on the long side.
They are naturally available accessories automation that allow both the automatic loading / unloading of the sheet metal starting from a single pack, both the use of tower units in which to store and extract automatically packs of metal sheets.

The system LS5 is available both with CO2 laser source up to 4,5kW that with fiber laser source up to 5kW. The reliability of the process and the quality of the cut are guaranteed by a comprehensive database of cutting parameters, which includes years of application experience in the field.

The focusing head for cutting with fiber laser sources is the next generation and has been designed according to the experiences and the particular needs of this type of technology. The operator system of the focusing lens is capable of withstanding high accelerations and ensures an excursion of the fire up to 32 mm. Numerous are the sensors of process control which help to make the cut extremely reliable and safe in any working situation.

The system is fully automatic nozzle exchange valuable support when it is required a level of automation very thorough, with warehouses of pallets to ensure high autonomy in unmanned cycle.

The assistance system centering is a useful, simple and reliable for operators who are freed from the need to approximate and imprecise operations during a period of great importance for the good quality of the cut as the control of the centering nozzle.

The system LS5 is a system for the cutting of only the sheet, but leaves the door open to an important transformation which can be decided and implemented even after installation with the ability to be coupled to a system for the processing of the tube.
With this opportunity LS5 goes beyond the concept of the combined system offering two physically distinct and modular systems that share a focusing head of the laser cutting taking control when needed, but united you in a single plant able to operate at peak performance levels by cutting both sheet metal cutting tube.