LC5 is a combined system for the laser cutting of sheet metal and pipe. Compactness, ergonomics, modularity and versatility are the key words to understand the potential of a system that ensures continuity and production efficiency in both the cutting of sheet metal in the pipe cutting.

Levico Terme, November 3, 2015. LC5 is a compact system, it integrates on board the electrical and electronics reduce space occupied and installation time, ergonomic to the wide access to the work area and the double control system with touch screen, modular and versatile for its modularity with optional modules that meet layout requirements, production and automation very different between them.

The combined systems
LC5 offers the opportunity to be present with a single laser cutting system on two different and distinct markets: the tube and that of the sheet. An interesting advantage on the one hand for many metal structural work they see the possibility of expanding the outlet sectors, but also for OEM employing the tube and sheet metal and have the possibility of becoming independent from the external supply in the prototyping stages and production of their products .
The ability to quickly switch from one process to another, combined with precision, quality, automation and speed of execution, are the essential elements to get a real advantage from the use of combined systems. LC5 meets these requirements and goes beyond the concept of the system for the cutting of sheets that can "also" working the tube, or vice versa, providing two systems physically separate and modular units that share a focusing head of the laser cutting taking control when serves, but united you in a single plant able to operate at maximum performance level is by cutting that sheet by cutting the tube.

In sheet metal cutting system LC5 provides functionality and outstanding performance that result from the great experience of BLM GROUP laser cutting and cutting sheet metal in particular.
LC5 is available in the traditional version to cut sheet metal to 3000x1500 mm and also in the new version for heavy plates 4000x2000 mm. Each version is available a full range of automation systems that include loading and unloading systems and / or storage systems pallet towers.
Modularity and flexibility that have always distinguished systems ADIGE-SYS LC5 are in their maximum expression. In defining the layout best suited to the available space is possible, for example, place the pallet changing system for a longitudinally or transversely long and narrow in a shorter and more compact.

To ensure maximum performance even in the cut tube LC5 has chosen to exploit the concepts already successfully tested in family systems Lasertube BLM GROUP.
The system is fed with a bundle of tubes of up to 120 mm in diameter and provides to work every single tube unloading the finished parts. The cargo system, the line of work with the chassis and bezel tail and the exhaust system have been designed starting from the analogous components of the systems Lasertube of equal size and go to constitute a self-contained set that has in common with the rest of ' plant only the laser cutting head, and which therefore has performance completely identical to those offered by systems Lasertube.
You can install the processing system of the pipe also at a later time to completion of a system originally intended to only cutting of sheets.
LC5 The system is available in two versions with CO2 laser source up to 4,5kW that with fiber laser source up to 5kW. For both sources is available a very complete database of cutting parameters making it easy to achieve excellent performance both in terms of production times that of reliability and quality of the cut with all materials and thicknesses to be processed.
Change automatic nozzles, the nozzles of new generation high efficiency, centering witnessed, the new head ProCutter for cutting with fiber lasers are just some of the details that allow the system LC5 provide a total performance of absolute excellence.