E-FLEX is the machine fold flush-head all-electric set-up by the BLM to work pieces with particularly complex shapes with 3D developments not high. A solution truly flexible that by using the attached equipment and the type of bend to be realized is able to apply various processes of curvature thanks to the two towers of which is equipped.
The scope of the wire is expanding globally thanks to its flexibility and technical characteristics and fittings that make it indispensable in many applications. For this reason, the so-called Line Wire BLM solutions includes both mono head, double head, to fit all customers.
The dual head machines are designed for machining of parts with medium-long development, with many curves, symmetrical and / or closed in upon themselves as the solution for single head is more likely to work pieces with particularly complex forms with three-dimensional development is not high .
E-FLEX, in particular, is the mono wire bending machine head BLM, fully electric, numerical control, suitable to process diameters up to 8 mm. Equipped with two turrets folder with clockwise / anticlockwise, it is suitable to bend in 3D and allows the use of more technology bending (bending, hammering, variable radius).
The wire feed coil ensures a fully automatic operation. The straightening of the workpiece takes place in a single feed, at a constant speed, without intermediate stops, ensuring careful straightening and repeatability of bending.
Graphical programming in 3D visual (VGP3D) and visual support continuous machining area make it extremely easy, comfortable and safe use of the machine. The machine, in fact, able to correct the program, automatically and securely, by searching in its database of curvature previous experiences that allow to ensure the 1st right piece. They are eliminated with the inevitable subsequent manual adjustments that were needed to reach the desired result.