BLM Artube3

The third generation programming software Artube was developed by ADIGE taking as a point of view to the operator, in order to streamline its work and allow them to do so quickly and effectively everything needs.

Levico Terme, 3 November 2015. The ease of use, the ability to quickly and effectively manage complex structures and import of three-dimensional models from other software, are some of the aspects that ADIGE has devoted great efforts to develop Artube3 for realize a CAD / CAM able to guarantee the full exploitation of the installations Lasertube.

Interface based context
The interface has been completely redesigned Artube3 second type logic based context. The operator no longer has to look for the function it needs from all available, but is led by Artube3 engaging in what he is doing: for each object (pipe, single processing, special operation) was created a context menu select and it makes visible only the operations applicable to that object, in a sequence that is simple and intuitive. Result: less time to implement programs and greater exploitation of the software and the machine.

Management frames
The ability to easily work with tubular structures of varying complexity is another defining aspect of Artube3. "By design programs with a single click!" Is the slogan that effective ADIGE uses to describe the impressive simplicity with which a structure can be identified and process individual tubular elements. Many new features have been developed to address this particular issue that is increasingly common in the world of laser cutting of pipe.

Artube3 also simplifies the programming of the production by adding the object management frame with all its properties and the machines on which this is realized in all its parts.

Importing 3D formats
BLM GROUP is familiar with the difficulties associated with the use of 3D drawings created with other CAD for this has created a software package that makes it easy to import, launch new production "on the fly" and in a short time have the pieces available. A process greatly simplified, accessible to all levels of experience, which allows to approach the bending so robust and efficient.

With Artube3 changes the philosophy of the import of three-dimensional models. Previously it was given the opportunity to read and process a model made with other CAD, but the model still remained an external element to the programming system and thus immutable. When importing Artube3 produces a three-dimensional parametric identical to those drawn by its CAD module and then makes it possible to intervene with geometric changes of any kind in Artube3 directly without having to return to the original CAD.

Integration with bending
Artube3 builds on the experience of BLM GROUP in tube processing and is able to handle tubes which then must be bent. With Artube3 you can import three-dimensional design already bent and work on the development of the pipe taking into account the elongation of the tube due to the curvature. This operation is particularly effective if coupled with the systems of curvature of the BLM GROUP that are able to communicate to Artube3 measure the physical parameters of elongation and elasticity of the material used.

Artube3 is a great opportunity to do better and to do more, in a context in which the efficiency of the entire process (from design to finished part) to create a margin of sustainable value.